The Self Challenge Face Mask- Update

Guess what. I seem to have found a solution to my 'can't be bothered doing a mask' laziness.

It's in those 2 bottles up there. An invisible, easy-to-use leave-on mask.

The Quiet Corner

After making the first batch (both bottles), I left one in the bathroom cupboard where all of my other skin care items are assembled. This is the ultimate test. My bathroom cupboard is a veritable cornucopia of products under development along with my regular faves.

The mask got no special shelf placement. No reminders were coded into my phone.

The product (still unlabeled and unnamed) had to draw may attention – all by itself.

And it did.

I remembered to use it. Every other day as soon as work was finished, I have been removing my make-up, cleasning my face and applying this invisible, leave-on mask.

And it's stayed on until bedtime.

It didn't take long until the first bottle was empty.

So I started using the second one.

Cool huh?

I think this product deserves a name... and a label.


Anonymous said…
What is it?? :D
LisaLise said…
Hi Anon - If you check back a few posts, you'll find a description of what's in this mask. :)