The Better Butter Test - Who Won?

Approximately 10 months ago, I started a series of test batches of lotion bars using the same formula for each batch. Only the butter was different for each version.

The goal: to find the ultimate butter for lotion bars – one that would hold firm, yet soften and deliver the perfect amount of lotion upon skin contact. It would moisturise and pamper tired dry skin, chapped skin, rough patches, and cracked heels in the most luxurious and effective way.

Although it has been hard work slathering my feet, hands, legs, lips, elbows, and even face with lotion bar buttery goodness, it's a sacrifice that had to be made (insert winking eye here).

Oh, the Sacrifice!

OK, I can't lie. I really love testing ingredients and products, and it hasn't been a sacrifice at all. As a matter of fact, I've loved pretty much every butter I've tried. Surprisingly, even the 'almost-butters' have been a pleasure to use.

But my absolute faves were the ones that disappeared the fastest and the ones I kept coming back to.

They were smoothing, soothing, neutral scented, easy to work with, and just plain fabulous.

The best part: there are 2.

And I just can't decide which one I love most:

This one...

or this one...

They're equally gorgeous, and both feel like 100% luxury.

So I decided not to fight it.

I decided I like both best.

And here they are:

Hello Sal and Kpangnan. You two are the my absolute favorite lotion bar butters.

You beat out shea butter, cocoa butter, 'almond' butter,  'aloe' butter, kokum butter, and mango butter.

After all this butter testing, I think it's time we looked into sharing a few bars.

Stay tuned.


Very rare and exotic (pricey) butters,so it's not really unexpected to be best!
Can't wait t read more on them!
Maja (Maya)
LisaLise said…
Hi Diva Soap -It always seems to be the priciest ones that offer the most luxury, doesn't it? :)
Tina Rasmussen, CPH said…
Good morning Lise,

I finally got my hands on Sal butter and tried it straight out of the tin. Sinks in beautifully and is not greasy at all just like you said. Thanks for the tip I will have to buy more :-)

So now I started the thought process on what kind of body cream to make - I like that whole thinking and creating in my mind, wondering about oils and EO's and additives :-)

Have a great day, Tina
LisaLise said…
Hi Tina - You and I seem to be on the same page when it comes to connecting different products and working with ingredients! I'm glad you likes the Sal butter - I have just put in another order for more - I keep running out of it! :)