The Perfect Sunblock

It's summer. There is sun. There is need of sun protection.

If your skin is anything like mine – fair, sensitive, burns easily, doesn't tan at all – anything less than 100% protection just doesn't cut it.

I make the most lovely, silky-smooth sun lotion you can imagine.


I don't use it as a sun lotion.

My sun lotion is made specifically to function as the base for my foundation make-up. That's it.

When I need sunscreen, I buy a commercial brand product. It's the only store bought personal care product I use (Ok, there's also toothpaste, but that's it).

The brand I buy varies from year to year. After reading the ingredients list, I will look for things on the label along the lines of 'for-extra-sensitive-baby-skin-that-can't-tolerate-a-blessed-bit-of-sun-or-practically-anything-else-for-that-matter'.

My nose is also unhappy with most perfumes, so a nose test is an absolute must.

The Perfect Sunblock

My preferred sun protection is physical sun block. Above: my favorite kind. (yes, really). This is often combined with long legs and sleeves (as well as staying in the shade).

I will also apply the store-bought sunscreen, but mostly, I find staying out of the sun works really well for me. It's the perfect sunblock.

Speaking of which

And when this look becomes popular again, I'll be the first in line to buy gloves – not just because they look cool, but because they help keep freckling and age spots at bay.

And well, ok, also because I really think they look cool.

Have a great summer.


Olivia J said…
I heard raspberry oil is a natural sunscreen. I haven't tried it myself but I find many commercial sunscreens not to my liking, some make me itch like crazy!

I would like to know what you think about raspberry oil.
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - Raspberry oil is not a sun protectant. Like shea, it contains a very small amount of SPF, but not near enough to where you can reply on it as a sun protectant.
Anamaria said…
Hi Lise, I´m confused about this post, I don´t know what is so bad about mixing some good oils with zinc oxide? I know this is not a sunblock but I´ve been reading it´s a nice way to protect the skin from burning. I´d like to hear your opinion on this, thank you
LisaLise said…
HI Anamaria - There is nothing bad about mixing zinc oxide with some oils, but you simply cannot depend on it for sunscreen as hand mixing will simply not give you an even dispersal of the powder. There are many other factors that play in as well, so please don't do your own sunscreen. It's not worth risking your health!