What Goes in a Purple Airless Jar?

I love finding new suppliers. I also love it when my fave suppliers add little extras to my order - like a sample of oil or butter, or, in this case, an airless container.

Above: some new airless containers filled with a formula I am tweaking.

The contents? My latest batch of cucumber day & night serum. This batch is with a new emulsifier that is - so far - both easy and fun to work with.

But we're going to look at the packaging today. And I'm really interested in your input.

What's Pretty in Purple?

The colored container above is an airless jar. It was a freebie sample from a supplier. I've actually never worked with an airless jar before, so this one is my very first!

I love the color, but at the same time, it does limit label design possibilities somewhat.

On the other hand, that shade of purple is so delicious, it just cries out for a purple-ingredient-something-or-other product to put into it, don't you think?

What would you expect an airless jar of this color to hold?
Lavender hand cream?
Mallow face lotion?
Blueberry face mask?

Do drop a comment with your thoughts - maybe you think a purple airless jar is a useless thing and should be abandoned, or maybe you have 10 different ideas for fabulous purply-ish contents.

Tell tell!

I'm all ears! (well, eyes, because I will be reading your feedback).

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Olivia J said…
I think a face lotion would be good. It would squeeze out just the right amount for one application.
María said…
Hi Lise :)
Now that summer approaches (well, it's here, but sometimes in Scotland it does not seem to XD) I think this airless container could be a good idea for a refreshing and light face cream. I think it could also work well for that creams we make that we need to ensure that nobody with "little dirty fingers" can contaminate it ;) hand creams, etc.
In general, I think that for any emulsion not very thick it could work right.
P.S. I adooooooooooore lavander, it's may favourite of all oils, and also seems to match with the color of the pot :D
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - I think that's a good idea, because the product I have in it at the moment has a kind of lotion-y consistency and works quite well- thanks!

Hi María - You and Olivia have the same idea, and I agree with both of you. You and I are both big fans of lavender, so I guess that settles it: a light lavender face lotion it shall l be!