The Self Challenge Face Mask

As much as my skin loves face masks, I really don't do them often enough. A face mask is really a great 'skin pick-me-up' and arguably worth the time and effort it takes – yet, despite my once a week goal, it is often only once a month that I find the time to actually do a face mask.

It's not for lack of ingredients. A visit to my stockroom is a veritable mask-ingredients shopping center. Clays, powdered extracts, dried herbs, hydrosols, and a variety of actives for almost any type of mask are all there, just waiting to be mixed together and used.

And it's not because my skin can't feel the difference – it always feels fabulous after a face mask: toned, moisturized, deeply-cleansed, and refreshed.

So why... 

Despite all this skin-loving goodness and abundance, I still don't get around to doing a mask nearly often enough.


"Why in the world don't you do masks more often, Lise?" (I asked myself recently)

After a few days of unconcentrated mulling, the reason revealed itself – quite unexpectedly while I was hanging up the wash. It also prompted the immediate development of a brand new product.

That's the product up there in those 2 blue bottles (I'm trying to decide which pump I like the best)

The Reason Revealed

As much as I hate to admit it, I don't do masks more often because of sheer laziness. Choosing ingredients, mixing, applying, waiting, rinsing, drying, moisturizing... that all takes time. 

And even though I'm pretty good at making time for skin pampering – maybe even better than most people –  the time factor involved in doing a face mask is apparently juuuuust enough for the 'I can't be bothered' factor to kick in and take over.

So, there it is.

And instead of trying to change my ways, and since there was no one else around to do it – I challenged myself to solve this situation once and for all.

The Challenge: To Create a Face Mask

  • jam packed with skin-nourishing goodies 
  • ready to use 
  • can be left on for an unlimited amount of time 
  • doesn't dry up into a taut-feeling layer on the skin
  • doesn't flake off
  • utterly invisible 
  • works as well as a freshly-made face mask


The base in batch one (pictured above) is a mix of hydrosols with aloe vera. Among the actives are hyaluronic acid and caffeine. I've also added pomegranate extract and a few other nourishing and moisturizing goodies.

Stay tuned for updates on how this mask behaves and whether or not the pre-mixed-ness of it makes it enough of a go-to product to where it gets used often enough.


María said…
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María said…
Well, having feeds for this... I almost loose this post!
when I read it I could not feel other but totally identified with that. I love face masks, but then I have the attack of the lazy devil and I don't do it.
And that remind me also what I did for a friend of mine: a dry mask. How? As we say in Spain, it's simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier: mix the dry ingredients you love of a mask and store in a jar. When you need them, take a teaspoon or two and add water/hydrosol to make your mask in a minute.
The mask I did for my friend was 1 tbsp of dried coconut milk, 1 tbsp of white clay, 1 tsp of dried honey, 1 tsp of dark cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp of silk powder. Gourmand and gorgeous :)
LisaLise said…
Hi María - I love your idea of having all the dry ingredients premixed. This is very much like what I am doing with the 'wash your face with flowers dirt and food' posts. I love your addition of dried honey and dried coconut milk - it sounds absolutely fabulous!