Hydrosol Wand Giveaway Winners

Yay! Summer hydrosol wands are going to be made and sent to 4 lucky winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered – it does look like the comments function is finally working without a hitch.

And now for the moment of truth!

To be a bit ceremonious, I printed out everyone's comments, folded them and then presented my very neutral and non-biased husband with this 'bouquet of paper' and asked him to pick 4.

Below: his very unbiased hand picking names.

(And yes, that's a grungy floor in the background -- I visited him where he was working with tools and doing manly things like hammering and sanding and such).

And here are the names he picked:

Congrats to
Tina Rasmussen, CPH


Please send me your preferred wand contents and postal address quick as a bunny so I can get your prize posted right away!

I hope these wands will be a pleasure to use, and cool and refresh your skin.

Thanks to everybody for entering, and do stay tuned for more giveaways. We still need to crown the all-time, best butter for lotion bars and give away a few lotion bars, don't we!


Zan said…
Thanks Lise!

Finally I got to try your product :)
Will email you my details A.S.A.P

Tina Rasmussen, CPH said…
YAY how wonderful is that! Thank you Lise :-)