Hair Care Tips from a 2 Year Old

Did your parents teach you to always wipe your hands clean when they were dirty or after eating?

Me too.

Did they tell you not to use your clothes as a napkin?

Me too.

Did you listen?

Me either. Ok, only sometimes.

When I was a small child, switching my attention from play to finding a suitable piece of paper on which to wipe my hands was just too much to ask.

My improvised solution was to use my hair.

That Was then This is Now

Two months ago, I started doing it again. But this time, it's not with food, chalk, or dirt.

I started drying the excess oil I am otherwise using as my skin moisturizer into my hair.

My hair is loving it bigtime. The oils have been different combinations of cucumber seed oil, hempseed oil, argan oil, rice oil, and jojoba.

No wonder my hair has been so healthy and shiny lately. I think I'll keep doing this.

Just a tip I thought I'd share.


Signe said…
I've thought earlier, that there is not much difference between DIY hair conditioner or DIY body lotion. At least I do them same way and use same kind of oils and additives. Only difference might be the amount of liquid...:)
LisaLise said…
Signe - you are definitely not far off with that assumption. There are differences in emulsifiers – for example some are specifically geared for hair products that make a definite difference. :)