Make-up - Pressing Several Colors in One Container

If you're anything like me, you never use just one color 'as is', but often frequently constantly mix and match your powder make-up to create your ideal this-is-my-must-have-shade-for-today.

Instead of opening several containers and moving the brush back and forth between them, why not press all your favorites into a single, all-purpose, mix-and-match collection of color fabulousness?

Today, I'm going to show you how I made this 4-in-one color collection of pressed powders.

Step 1

Prepare your powders for pressing (this is not difficult - visit this post for a how-to)

For this collection, the colors span from a light peach to an intense terra cotta. I have purposefully kept everything within the warm, earthy family of hues so I can use them for blush as well as eyeshadow.

Tip: It's not necessary to keep the colors 'closely related' when putting together a collection - sometimes you can get really dramatic results by mixing warm and cool tones together.

Step 2

Decide where you want to place each color in the pan and transfer a small amount of each color to the pan. Place a piece of waxed paper over the pan and fit a pressing pad of the same size over the paper and press lightly. (That purpley-looking circle next to the waxed paper is the pressing pad. It's a silicone-type of material. I've used it countless times and it has over the years taken on the combined colors of every color I have ever pressed).

Repeat the process, trying to 'stack' each color the same for each layer as much as possible. There will be some 'spilling over' as your layers are built up, but this just makes it more fun to use.

I find it easiest to control the distribution and placement of the unpressed powder by 'coaxing it into place' with a cotton bud.

Place waxed paper over the pan and press between each layer.

Step 3

When the pan is half full, place it (with waxed paper and pressing pad) into a vice and give it a proper press before building up the final layers.

Continue building up layers and repeating the process until the pan is full, then place the pan in the vice again for a final press.

About The Pressing Pad

My pressing pad is homemade from a 2-component mixture from a hobby store. It came as a set of 2 jars with some different colored gloopy stuff in each jar that had to be kneaded together until the color was uniform, then quickly pressed into the desired form or shape and left to harden. I made a whole series of pressing pads when I bought the mixture. Unfortunately, I can't remember what it was called – or even where I got it. I bought it ages ago and made enough pressing pads to last about 3 lifetimes. They are quite robust and long lasting. If you know what this hobby material is (and where it can be purchased), please leave a comment below in case there are some readers who want to give this a go.

You wouldn't think those 4 piles of color in the picture above would all fit into one little pan, but the empty waxed papers on the table are proof positive. They all did.

This little color collection will last for at least a year (even with daily use).

You Can Do This Too!

If you'd like to try doing your own make-up, check out the How To page. Under the Make-Up section you'll find links to several DIY make-up posts on this blog.

As for Ingredients...

There are scads of DIY cosmetics ingredients suppliers - some have everything from ready made bases you just melt and pour (great from newbies) to every ingredient one could wish for to make a personalised creation entirely from scratch. There are a few suppliers on my links list (check bar on the right).

Do you have a favorite ingredients supplier you can recommend? Please share.