Tattoo Soothe Skin Mist Giveaway

Let's get busy with this product, shall we? I'm looking for a 5 willing testers for Tattoo Soothe Panthenol Skin Mist.

What's it all about?

Tattoo Soothe Panthenol Skin Mist was developed to help soothe and calm the skin after tattooing. It boasts a healthy dose of panthenol in an aloe vera base and is made to be tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.

It has already been tested by several folks with tattoos (and a few with extremely sensitive skin)

Here's what a few of them have commented:
"I've never seen my skin heal this fast after a tattoo"
"This is much more comfortable and easy to use than a cream"
"This works faster than anything I've tried before"
"Even a small portion lasts for a long time"
"I love that it doesn't itch or sting at all when it's applied"
"This even calms the bumps I get after shaving"

Calling All Tats

Are you interested in giving this product a whirl? There are a couple of requirements:

  1. You are in the process of getting tattoo work done (read: you've already had some work done and have tried other products for after-tat healing)
  2. You are willing to send me 100% honest, detailed feedback of how this product works for you. 


Drop a comment below before Sunday March 16, 2014 at 12:00 noon (Copenhagen time).

Winners will be announced right here on the blog on March 18 (note – it's all up to you to check back and see if you won).

This giveaway is open to all tattooed skin all over the world, so go for it!

Good luck!


Anonymous said…
I think this looks amazing!! (; I'd love to give it a try on my next tattoo! (; you do incredible work!! - April Dawn
Riana said…
After the fiasco with my first tattoo (read: cream made the ink spread, now the lines are blurry and a mess!, I'd love to know I have a good product when my fiancee and I get our matching engagement tats :-)
Laurie Garza said…
Yes please!
Unknown said…
This stuff sounds fantastic! I have been wanting to get my tattoos touched up, what a better reason to do so than to try a new product!! Sounds way better than rubbing and smearing in a cream.
Anonymous said…
I swear by that there hypercal (hypericum and calendula) cream after having tattoos done. That seems to work quicker than conventional creams. Agree that a sterile spray on product would be better to use though.
LisaLise said…
Hi Anon - Calendula is an excellent choice for helping to promote healing, and I can see why you would have good results with this. Thanks for your input!