Testing Tinctures - Rooibos

This past Fall, there were several new tinctures brewing in my stockroom that are now strained, bottled, and actively being tested in a few of my products. One of these is an old fave of mine as a tea, but brand new to me in tincture form – rooibos.

Above is my first test with it: Rose Skin Drench and Tonic. It's been in use daily for the past 3 weeks and I can already safely say that rooibos is (also) fabulous as a tincture.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Just a few drops were enough to turn this 200ml bottle of otherwise clear skin tonic into the rosy pink hue you see above.

As I am forever testing and trying active ingredients, almost every water-soluble one finds its way into a skin drench or tonic at one point - partly to see how it works, but also to see how it behaves, smells, interacts with the other ingredients etc etc.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. (insert winking eye here)

The blend above contains

Rose hydrosol
Lavender floral water
Rooibos tincture
Extracts of: Cottonseed, Flax, Fig, and Cornflower

Because I'm a slatherer, I've been using it mainly as a skin drench (read: dousing entire body after shower and letting skin air dry). Perhaps body tonic is a more descriptive way of putting it.

Did I mention I love my work?


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SunnyNell said…
So I am curious what the end result and benefit of the skin drench is. Would you say that it has made any kind of difference? I'd love to hear back.

Here's an experience I had. I was experiencing symptoms of menopause--nasty hot flashes that drove me wild. I was taking a new supplement and at the same time started drinking rooibos tea. I noticed after about a month that the hot flashes were gone. I attributed it to the new supplement I'd started taking, but when I stopped taking both the supplement and the rooibos, after about a month the hot flashes were back. I started taking the supplement again, thinking that was the key, but no change in the hot flashes. So I started drinking rooibos again and sure enough, within two weeks the hot flashes were gone again. I just made a tincture because I'm not always in the mood for tea and am starting my own experiment to see how it works. I really like the tincture so far but it hasn't been long enough to know if it is as effective as the tea.
LisaLise said…
HI SunnyNell - Thanks so much for your comment. Your experiences with robots tea are super interesting - thanks so much for sharing that!

You asked about skin drench: a skin drench functions like a mist or tonic and could perhaps also be described as a 'liquid lotion'.