Testing Tinctures - Rooibos

This past Fall, there were several new tinctures brewing in my stockroom that are now strained, bottled, and actively being tested in a few of my products. One of these is an old fave of mine as a tea, but brand new to me in tincture form – rooibos.

Above is my first test with it: Rose Skin Drench and Tonic. It's been in use daily for the past 3 weeks and I can already safely say that rooibos is (also) fabulous as a tincture.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Just a few drops were enough to turn this 200ml bottle of otherwise clear skin tonic into the rosy pink hue you see above.

As I am forever testing and trying active ingredients, almost every water-soluble one finds its way into a skin drench or tonic at one point - partly to see how it works, but also to see how it behaves, smells, interacts with the other ingredients etc etc.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. (insert winking eye here)

The blend above contains

Rose hydrosol
Lavender floral water
Rooibos tincture
Extracts of: Cottonseed, Flax, Fig, and Cornflower

Because I'm a slatherer, I've been using it mainly as a skin drench (read: dousing entire body after shower and letting skin air dry). Perhaps body tonic is a more descriptive way of putting it.

Did I mention I love my work?


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