A Look at the LisaLise Product Testing Department

Developing and testing products keeps me busy with all kinds of fun and thoroughly enjoyable chores.

Here are a few of the products I am working on at the moment. Some of these are personalized versions of staple products (like some of the things you'll find on my website), some are test batches of brand new products, and some are ongoing ingredients tests.

Here's a Breakdown

Lip Pencils: made in 2012 (and featured in this post).
Lash Nutrition Mascara: latest batch (Dec 2013) and an earlier batch (August 2013)
Lotion Bars: part of an ongoing butter-comparison test
Frappé: Personalized version for a new client
Good Night Honey Cream: Personalized version for a steady client
New Eye Cream:  as yet untitled brand new formula that's looking very promising
Cucumber Moisturizing Eye Mask: pure pleasure (not testing for any purpose other than to enjoy this product - so far it's proving fabulous as a face mask as well as an eye mask)
Vitamin C Cream: ongoing testing for consistency (this batch from Spring 2013)
Comfort Zone Eye Serum: A/B testing 2 different versions (ingredients from 2 different suppliers)

Is The Job Ever Done?

Seeing this list above, one could be tempted to ask if I am ever done with a product. Well, not really. My suppliers regularly discontinue or replace ingredients. For this reason, I am constantly trying ingredients (and packaging) from new suppliers. Being dependant upon a single supplier for a necessary ingredient is just not and ideal situation to be in.  At the same time, even the 'same' ingredient can behave completely differently from a different supplier. (I could tell you stories... and maybe I will too)

And then there is the constant flow of new ingredients. New exciting ingredients that beg to be tried and tested and incorporated into fave staple products or becoming the star in a brand new product.

Long story short: it's an ongoing process. Luckily, I find every aspect inspiring, interesting, and fun. And my skin loves it.


alicyn said…
that looks like so much fun! the urtegaarden mascara is still the only thing i've made with a shelf life (and i'm still loving it), but i'm looking forward to a time when i can experiment with more products. :)
LisaLise said…
HI Alicyn - Great to hear from you! Have you tried doing lotion bars? They have shelf life even without preservatives.. :)