Happy 2014!

I can hardly believe how fast last year went.

I blinked.

It was gone.

Suddenly, here we are in the beginning of a brand new year – full of hope, expectations, and wonderment – a little like what can be seen in the sweet little face above.

Still Coming Up

There are still a few, several, loads, a gazillion things on my to-do list from last year, and I am working on some of them as we speak – for example:
exfoliation – what's best
how an artifical sweetener can soothe an itchy scalp
a natural sun protectant (forgive me Alicyn - this really is taking an age!)

... and there's more stuff like:
castile soap – what's it all about
kokum butter
lotion bars with almond butter
how dirt can cleanse (really - and I promise to show you)

And then there are all these constant new things that keep popping up and demanding instant attention. I don't think there will be any lack of subject material any time soon.

Happy New Year! I hope you'll be joining me for all kinds of skin and hair care fun!