cKc Shampoo - Update

This is my new favorite shampoo. After what feels like endless tweaking and a gazillion batches, the texture, scent, feel and function of this shampoo is ace. I've been using it nonstop for the past 8 months.

So have a couple of my cKc testers.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know this is a shampoo specifically designed for coily, kinky and curly hair.

My hair? Straight as a stick.

Despite this, I need to test the product for feel, performance, stability etc etc, so I've been shampooing my hair with it.

Guess what.

My hair loves it.

Curlie Feedback

The curlies who have been testing cKc Cleanse tell me they tell me their hair loves it too. One of them (type 3a) was very pleased to inform me she doesn't even need conditioner any more - the shampoo does it all for her. She could barely believe it herself and her eyes were lit up like a kid at Christmas when she told me about it. Her hair looked fabulous. I believed her.

The testers of this formula all have curl types between 2a to 3a. There haven't been any willing testers with curl types 3b to 4c in the immediate nearby.

You know what that means, don't you?

Curl Types 3b to 4c Step Up

I wouldn't mind a few testers in the coilier, curlier category. Interested? Do feel free to email me if you

  • are curl type 3b to 4c 
  • are willing to test this product and be diligent about sending me descriptive and 100% honest feedback as to your experiences with the product (you will NOT receive a questionaire - only a reminder e-mail if I haven't heard from you after a period of time)
  • live in europe (sorry other curlies! Sending to overseas testers is really cutting into my budget)
My email is on the sidebar. Please write cKc tester in the title bar.

More about cKc

Please check cKc under topics for a complete list of all the posts related to the development of this and other cKc products.