Lotion Bars Followup

Recently, I made a very small portion of lotion bars using 2 different beeswaxes from a local beekeeper who's lovely hand-crafted honey I have been enjoying throughout this Fall.

It was really just a very small test batch to try out a new ingredient, but the texture and feel of the lotion bars was such a hit, I quickly used up half of them.

Lotion bars are super easy to use – merely rub between hands to soften, then apply where needed. In the spirit of testing, I tried them everywhere, and they proved no-fail fabulous for:

  • dry patches
  • heels 
  • elbows 
  • hands 
  • lips (yes! they're great as lip balm)

This called for a bit of celebration!

With the beekeeper in mind, I designed a label with a 'beeswax' theme and packaged up a small sample so he could experience his own beeswax in a completely different way.

It'll be fun to get his feedback.

Meantime, if you're ready to try making your own lotion bars, check this post for a step by step how to.