The Ultimate Mascara - We Have a Winner

This mascara is still holding up and behaving like a champ: through wind and rain and even extreme sweaty summer heat. It even stands up to direct comparison with a quality commercial brand (Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara – specifically acquired so I had something to compare with).

Testing Method

I gave a couple of my regular testers samples of batch 4-ish a few weeks ago and have gotten positive feedback on everything but the lame-o test applicator (understandable – I'm not happy with the test applicator either).

Throughout this summer, the mascara has been tested alone under different conditions as well as A/B tested several times against the Elizabeth Arden mascara. (I'm the only one who has been A/B testing it)

In the evenings, I've also been using my new lash conditioner (stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway).

The Development Requirements

There been a few specific requirements for this mascara.

1. As many documented and proven hair-nourishing and growth-encouraging active ingredients had to packed in as possible.

2. The mascara had to behave as well as any good commercial mascara (read: no smudging, flaking, running, or smearing. Must be easily removable.)

Requirements acheived.

The Feel

Overall result: moisturized, soft lashes that seem a bit fuller. I do admit that this could be wishful thinking, but I have actually heard 2 people comment on my lashes lately, and that has never happened in my life - EVER.

Mind you, we're not talking lash miracles. Don't even think of visualizing one of those mascara ads with lashes from here to the moon – that's not what we have here. What we have is closer to 'down-home healthy with a generous dash of lash-happiness'.

Here's a photo from a very hot A/B test day (the sweaty film all over my face is a pretty clear indicator of warmer temps). My eyeshadow is almost all gone (sweated off), but both my mascara and Liz Ardens mascara are hanging in there.

What's in It

For softening and conditioning: castor oil, jojoba, stearic acid, glycerine
For nourishing and encouraging growth: panthenol, caffeine, plant proteins (wheat and corn)
For texture, structure and hold: carnuba wax, carraghenen
For color: activated charcoal mixed with iron oxides

Considering selling?

Several people have already written and asked this question. I have to crunch numbers before I can answer. Some formulas are so ridiculously time consuming to make – especially when they are made one-at-a-time-to-order  – I cannot offer them for sale without risking giving people palpitations. Some products could be made in batches, but that would mean people would have to preorder.

So, numbers shall henceforth be crunched.

Meantime, I've put up a little poll on the sidebar in the hope that you'd like to share your thoughts. You're also welcome to leave a comment.

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Olivia J said…
I am so glad to see some kind oil in your mascara. I had great lashes way back when oil not silicone was actually an ingredient in mascara. My lashes were in better condition and I didn't worry about clumps.

Yours looks like the mascaras I miss. I hope you do well with it and sell!
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - thanks for your input and well wishes. I am now going to be looking more at commercial brand mascara ingredients for oil content. I'm pretty sure you will find fractionated coconut oil - but I could be wrong. On my way to check it out!