Second Skin Body Frappé

What happens when you combine 3 skin-loving butters with skin loving oils, add a dollop of lanolin, and whip the mixture to a fluffy, light frappé? You get a concoction that smooths on like a second skin.

Developed for a client

This product was developed specifically for a person with itchy psoriasis, but that's not what he approached me about. He was interested in a hair product. Along the way, he happened to mention that he hadn't been able to find anything that worked for his skin (even prescribed creams gave him limited relief). I love a challenge, so I asked if he would like me to try and create something that worked for him.

He agreed.

And I succeeded. He loved it!

Truth be told, I can't stop using it myself. I keep making and using batches.

It's not just me either, my testers love it as well.

Maybe you'll love it too  

Stay tuned, because I'll be giving away five 20ml sized pots in a GIVEAWAY very soon. 
(and if you haven't signed on for the lash-conditioning giveaway yet – there's still a chance if you click here and drop a comment before Sunday)