Personalized Product? Here's How it Works

A lot of people ask me 'how this personalized product stuff works'. Here's a blow by blow on what happens when I make a personalized product.

I'm All Yours

My website functions a little like 'an inspirational catalog'. The featured products give people an idea of which kinds of products I make..

I start by asking for basic info (skin type, age group, etc) as well as volunteered information
such as:
'I'm looking for a cream that works for such and such'
'I can't tolerate ingredient X and every cleanser seems to have it'

Now, Tell Me Everything!

The initial info sparks off email/phone exchanges where we get down and dirty about products, preferences, skin routine, desires, and more. 

Because every product is bespoke, I ask for more details than most people imagine.

For example:
Let's say 'Sue' is interested in a face cream that can 'refresh her skin tone'. I will start by asking her for
  • the name and brand of all of the products she uses at present (including cleanser, cream, lotion, tonic, make-up etc)
  • why she uses/likes that particular product/brand 

I will often also ask if there are products/brands that were abandoned for one reason or another. This is not to pry, but to discover what is working with her skin and –  just as important – what doesn't work.

Next, I study the (INCI) ingredients list of the products she is presently using. Studying these helps indicate which kinds of ingredients may be good to include (or stay away from) in the coming product.

Let's say Sue can't find 'her perfect moisturizer', but loves the way her cleanser works. Particular attention will be given to the ingredients in her favorite cleanser along with the moisturizers she is using at present.

Example: Sue is in her 40's and has dry skin with dull tone

Next, I will ask general questions about Sue's daily life (job type etc) so I can suggest and create a product that will fit in with her present routine.

If she has a grand total of 10 minutes to cleanse, moisturize and put on make-up every day, I'm not going to suggest 20-minute self-pampering masks or other routines that will be impossible (and irritating) to try and fit into her schedule.

Digesting The Data 

A formula will begin to take shape as the information is studied. Many notes are made along the way. Sue may have started out asking for a cream, but her information may indicate a serum to be more optimal for her skin. This is discussed and decided before production begins.

Lab Time 

When the formula for Sue's product is ready, it has to be made and tested. With most products, two batches are made. Every product is individually tested.

Time Frame

Depending on the product, circumstances etc, filling an order takes anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks from initial info to delivered product.


Rikke said…
Hold da op Lise. Her får man da noget for pengene!!

Cool koncept!

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Tusind tak Rikke!
KKinnear said…
Hi, thanks for the interesting topics.

I was just wondering, with the lab time, what tests do the products go through?
LisaLise said…
Hi KKinnear,

Thanks for your input. The testing is dependent upon the product being made. For example, an emulsion of any kind will need texture and structural testing that isn't necessary in, say a personalized oil blend or mist/drench product. In very broad strokes: everything goes through a textural, structural, visual, scent, sensual and bacteriological test.