Eyelash Conditioning - Yes, it's Possible

We put on night cream, moisturise our hands and bodies, brush our teeth and carry out all kinds of other personal care habits, so why not eyelashes? Recently, there has been increased focus on eyelash care and products are beginning to pop up here and there on the beauty scene.

The Quest For The Ultimate Eyelash-Loving Mascara

It has been during the development of what will hopefully become the ultimate mascara that my own little eyelash project has popped up. Adding lash care to a mascara is a great idea (and challenge). A lash-loving, conditioning eyelash pamperer as a separate product should be a no-brainer.

Above is a picture of what may become a product for sale. The ingredients includes such lash-loving goodies as coconut oil, castor oil, and lanolin.

At the moment, Lash Love is being tested by myself and a few of my regular testers. It's getting positive feedback.

Does it Work?

After 2 months of daily (or should I say, nightly) use, there is an increased gloss, thickness, and conditioned feel to my lashes. It has been real easy to work this product into the nightly routine. Simply apply before bedtime after mascara has been removed.

Wanna Test the Next Batch?

I wouldn't mind a few extra lashes to test the upcoming batch, so if you're interested in giving this product a try, please leave a comment with your email (and short description of you) or send me an email with your address and a bit of info about you and your lashes.


Note: due to death-to-my-pocketbook-through-postal-fees syndrome, I find it necessary to select only eyelashes residing on the European side of the pond for this test round. 


Unknown said…
Too bad I live in Canada. I would LOVE to try your product! Your products look absolutely awesome!
LisaLise said…
Aww thanks Dawn. I really hate having to cut some people out of the testing equation this way and hope it will be possible for me to invite one and all for testing and giveaways very soon. Have an excellent weekend.