Deodorant - in a Stick

I've been working on developing a stick deodorant for the longest time. I actually finished this formula some time ago but have been unable to source a container that could be delivered in less than 10.000 units. For the initial testing purposes, the sample sized container that held (a mere) 15ml was adequate.

But initial testing is over.

The Never-Ending Container Search

It took months of diligent searching before I had to accept that stick deodorant containers are just not popular amongst European suppliers – at all.

Every time I found a supplier that would deliver in the quantity amounts I needed, they were in North America.

Just for the record: shipping empty deodorant containers (in any amount) from the USA to Denmark is the dumbest idea in the world. My pocketbook laughed uncontrollably at me every time I even considered it (there were occasions).

That Was Then

Never mind - that's all over (for now). I found a supplier in Euroland. These are not only easy to work with, they're a cute as a button. My only wish is that they held twice as much product. So, even though I'm loving the fact that these hold twice as much as the super small test sizes from earlier, the search isn't over – yet.

Meantime, I am finally able to invite my regular testers to give this product a whirl. If they're happy, then Essential deodorant Stick will be made available for sale.

Stay tuned for updates.


Danuta said…
Lisa are you going to share the deo with us, so we could try to make it? Or is it too complicated? I love your blog and all crucial info you share with us. :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Danuta - thanks so much for your kind words! I do have a stick deodorant recipe that I share with my readers (check under the How To page). This particular stick deodorant is being developed for sale, so I'm afraid this is one formula I will not be sharing in detail. I hope you understand.
Unknown said…
Lisa, Could you share where (which supplier) you bought the deosticks? thanks!
LisaLise said…
Hi Iris - do you mean the stick containers? These were from a company in the UK - the name escapes me at the moment-- could you send me an email (check the sidebar) and I will get back to you with a proper answer---
Unknown said…
Lisa, thanks i will email you in a moment.
fantomia said…
Hi Lisa
these deodorant containers look exactly like the ones I have found - but I haven't figured out how to fill them in the ultimate way yet - they look like bottom fills, but have no inner caps in the lid, so when I tried to bottom-fill them they stick to the lid, and broke when I tried to remove it. So I have filled them form the top, and waisted a lot of product that is below the applicator. How do you fix this? Best regards from Norway
LisaLise said…
HI Inger Marie, It sounds to me like you might have gotten an incomplete delivery if the containers were missing the inner caps in the lid. The ones I used (pictured here) were filled by first putting the cap on, then filling from the bottom. There is a 'plug' unit to put into the bottom when you are finished filling. That said, I have been unable to find these exact containers for a while now, so now I'm curious as to where you found yours!