The Ultimate Mascara Quest: One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Yeegads. Look at this. This is mascara batch 2 – after 11 weeks. The product has halfway separated, and if I 'scrape' around the inside of the container with the application brush, the product readily collects itself into a huge lump on the brush, creating a 'window' in the container where the sorry state of the contents is all too clear.

Oddly, if the brush is pulled out, it looks perfectly normal and ready for application. Does this mean that other mascaras normally do this and we just don't know because the container is always opaque?

Unfortunately, no. I've (made and) used many other mascaras in these exact containers, and they have never behaved in this manner.

What we're looking at here is a texture/structural fail that needs to be fixed.

I really never thought I'd say this, but..

Yay for Crappy Containers

I would not have become aware of this problem if the product had been in any other mascara container. Despite having a substandard application brush, these clear containers have been my choice for product development because they are the cheapest ones I can find. As it turns out, they're quite ideal for the job.

Two Steps Back

Because batch 3 was a tweaked version of the disaster you see above, it I will now have to monitored for at least 11 weeks before I will know whether we are looking at a serious tweaking job or an all out reformulation.

My gut feeling? We will be experiencing something close to a start-from-scratch back to the drawing board type of situation.

On a Brighter Note

If it was all too easy, it wouldn't be nearly as fun, challenging, or educational – would it?

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