Cleansing Bar How-To's From Around the World

Waaaay back in February, I wrote about doing a cleansing bar catalog. It was all because of the fabulous feedback I have been getting from you as a result of trying my soap-free cleansing bars.

A lot of you have created your own awesome versions. I'm thrilled it has gained such popularity and that so many of you find this cleansing method beneficial for your skin - regardless of skin type!

I'm still gathering materials and recipes and pics, but the first bits and pieces are finally together and the page is fimally up. I promise to update with the rest of your recipes as fast as I can.

Meantime, please give a round of applause to stars of the worldwide cleansing bar catalog: YOU! Find the cleansing bar catalog page on the menu bar at the top (or click here).

And if you want to join the cleansing bar fun, please visit this post for details.

Haven't tried making one yet? Find an overview of my soap-free cleansing bars right here.