Case Study: Skin Lightening with Vitamins

We do seem to be getting somewhere with this new skin lightening product. Although my main goal from the beginning was to fade the darkest, largest spots (which is happening to some extent), the many smaller 'freckles' and miscolorations that were visible in February have all but disappeared now.

I should have gone even closer to the skin to illustrate this, but I was so focused on the larger, more prominent spots that this is as close as I got with the camera when we started out. The overall effect is however a lighter tone on the skin.

Above is 'C's' hand in February (on the left) and again in May (on the right). C has all along been doing her citrus fruit bleaching and vigilant sun-protection program, so the difference you see in these 2 photos is mainly the result of the Vitamin C skin lightening cream.

Photo Pro? I think No.

Again, I must mention that I am not a professional photographer. It has been nearly impossible to recreate the exact lighting and hand positioning for each session. (It's evident when you check the background color in the above photos).

Visible Difference

There is enough difference in the overall tone of the skin to where we can definitely slot this product in as a functioning skin lightener.

Tester 'C' has been using the cream both mornings and evenings.

'C's Feedback

The scent, texture, feel and function have all received a thumbs up.

Tester 'B' from t(he previous test session) has asked to give this new cream a whirl, so I'd better get back into the lab and whip up a new batch!

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Clara said…
I definitely see a different in the hand on the right side. It looks 'refreshed'
LisaLise said…
Hi Clara - thanks! I really do wish I was a better photographer, because something seems to happen with the light every time I try to recreate the setup. I do have to agree with you though - but mainly because it is quite evident when you see the hand in real life. :)