I'm Glad You Asked

I get asked all kinds of questions: About ingredients, how products work, what's safe and what to avoid, how to DIY, where to find certain ingredients. I get questions on just about everything skincare-and-cosmetics related. It's great!

I love it when people ask questions. Maybe too much at times.

Let Me Explain

I may tend to get a little carried away answering even simple questions. Some might even say I have a tendency to over-answer (is that a word?).

I was told recently that my answers were 'insider'. That struck a chord. After 'doing this cosmetics thing' for so long, it's easy to assume some things are common knowledge.

But they aren't. At all.

Not everybody may be interested in an entire encyclopedia of information when they pose a simple question.

You: Well, duh, Lise, not everyone is a formulator or geeky ingredients nerd.
Me: Yup. I need to be reminded of that on a regular basis.

Thanks Barb. And because of your patience with my long-winded answers.