Why Yellow EyeShadow is a Must Have

I just got hold of the most outrageous canary yellow pigment that begged and pleaded with me to be turned into a pressed eyeshadow. How could I say no? Here's my 2013 Spring-themed eyeshadow color palette.

Yellow eyeshadow?

Spring Chicken Yellow?

Yellow makes (caucasian) skin look sallow! (I hear you thinking)

And I agree.


Yellow can be a very useful color on skin, so there is a method (well, actually, 2 methods) to this yellow madness, and I'm going to share them with you.

1. The Concealer Method

Yellow is the perfect color for concealing reddish imperfections on light skin. Apply yellow over a reddish spot or area and watch it disappear magically (I kid you not). A layer of foundation on top (which may not even be necessary for smaller spots) completes the magic.

2. The Mixing Method

Some people apply eyeshadow 'straight up' from an eyeshadow palette, and that's absolutely fine. However, if you – like me – are physically incapable of using just one color straight from the palette, you invariably create a 100% personal shade every time you apply eye shadow. For color-mixing addicts, yellow delivers all kinds of surprises and delights.

Like this one: blend yellow with charcoal to create the shimmery-yet-subtle shade of olive/army/grey-green you see in the middle.

Now excuse me while I see how many other shades this palette will produce.

Making Your Own Make-up is Easier Than You May Think

Check the how to page for a list of my make-up how to's, many of which have links to ingredient and container suppliers in both Europe and North America.

Do Tell

Do you have a favorite way of mixing eyeshadow colors? 


Natalia said…
Your EyeShadow looks good! I can't
wait making my own EyeShadow make-up, it's on my 'to do' list since several months.
alicyn said…
the shadow mixing is very cool! whenever i try that, i feel like one color just covers up the other... should i be doing the mixing somewhere other than my eyelid? :)
LisaLise said…
@Natalia - go for it! It's fun and creative and you have complete control over the results.

@Alicyn - Great to hear form you! I mix different ways (and places) depending on the desired use. Will often mix directly on the lid (or globe), but may also mix with eye serum to create eyeliner (see the post from March 24, 2013 for a step by step). If you mix as much as I do, there is always extra, so it's a good idea to have cotton buds on hand to clean up stray powder (even easier to do precision clean-up if the cotton bud is moistened with hydrosol or demineralized water). And yes, sometimes I will mix on the back of my hand, sometimes directly in the container.