When Dishrags Inspire

Real life situation:
Friend: 'Lise, that's a great lipstick color!'
Me: 'Thanks, it was inspired by my dishrag.'

The weirdest part? It's true.

This gift from a dear friend was the kickstarter for my latest lipstick color. I know it's not a perfect color match – the lipstick is redder than the more purple-hued dishrag, but matching the color spot on wasn't a do or die thing for this exercise. I had more important goals – the texture of the base.

Keep Focused, But have Fun

My main objective with the lipsticks I am making at the moment is to try and create a perfect moisturizing, smooth-as-silk texture. Playing around with the color just adds to the fun of each batch.

Batch 2 

The texture of this batch is a vast improvement over the first batch. After a week of testing, my only complaint is due to the color: there was a trace of graininess in the top millimeter or so of the twist-up lipstick, but none in the little pot (which goes on beautifully with a lip brush).

This can only mean one thing: I was a lazy grinder.

This color is predominately composed of oxide pigments (which need sufficient grinding before being mixed with micas and added to the base product*).

When I was pouring up the product, the twister container was filled first, then the mixture was remelted and the remainder poured into the little pot.

Aside from the glitch due to my laziness at grinding, the texture of the product is creamy and really nice. Texture-wise, I think we're on to something with this batch.

Below: the swatched color.

How it Wears

The color is quite intense on the lips and has shade remiscent of a '1950's red' – it's great as a statement color.

* Oxides are great for matt shades with intensity. Micas are great for shine and glitter.

Do Tell

Do you have a statement color lipstick you are loving this season?


Boony said…
I would love to try this color out on me. :) - just in case you decide to make another batch and need a tester. :)
LisaLise said…
Well then you shall! :)