Skin Lightening with Vitamins - a Case Study Continues

Two years ago, I did a skin-lightening product by special request that was documented on this blog as a case study. One of the testers was 'Tester C' (picture above is from 'during the first phase' of the study in 2011).

She was satisfied with the results the product were beginning to provide, but not very happy with the texture (a gel base) of the product. Our test period ended after approximately 3 months. Both 'tester C' (and 'tester B') voiced interest in a different base (cream, serum or lotion).

Back to the Drawing Board

I have since been working with vitamin C in a few different bases, and it has taken several batches and a lot of tweaking, but has resulted in a vitamin-C cream. Anything with vitamin C in it is particularly difficult to work with, but I have been pleased enough with this texture to invite Tester C to continue our case study.

Below is our new 'before' picture. Tester C reports that she has been very aware of keeping out of the sun and has even dabbled in applying freshly squeezed lemon juice on the spots 'as often as she remembers'.

It will be interesting to see if this new texture will be more of a hit. Updates shall be forthcoming!

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Anonymous said…
there's a huge difference between these two photos. i'm wondering what helped so much, because my mum has a big problem with spots on her hands. she applies freshly squeezed lemon juice but claims that she doesn't see much difference...
LisaLise said…
H Foster,

'C' said she hadn't been doing anything since last except use lemon juice. Want me to ask her how she is applying it? Now I'm curious too!
Anonymous said…
yes, i'd be grateful:) did she used any special uv protection? i think that may be a problem with my mum's hands. she's 58 but her hands look like very, very old lady's ones:/ and this is quite weird because she's using dishwasher, hires a lady who helps her with housekeeping and so on...
LisaLise said…
HI Foster, I have asked and will write a blog post about this in the near future. Meantime, I can tell you there is no special UV protection involved.
Anonymous said…
Ok, thank you so much Lise!:)