Rikkes Recipe and the Dislocated Decimal

Rikke is a modern lady. She works, has an active social life, keeps up her house and garden, creates fabulous crocheted works of art, minds a blog, raises kids, and makes her own cosmetics. It's an impressive list of activities.

With a schedule like that, I'd say it's ok to make a little mistake once in a while.

She made one with a recent batch of lotion. As it turned out, this particular mistake was so interesting that she decided to share it with me - in detail. With Rikkes permission, it is now being shared with you.

It's Just a Decimal, What's The Big Deal?

What happens when you get a single, teensy little decimal wrong and end up using 10 times the amount of beeswax you intended to use in your lotion? If your co-emulsifier is beheneth 10, you end up with a fabulous, winter protection cream.

Rikke sent me a sample of her finished product and a full description of what happened. The texture of the cream was silky and lovely. I tested it on my hands, feet, body and face. It was everything but a mistake – it was an absolute winner.

Rikkes little 'boo-boo' was a great learning experience – for both of us. I am going to be working with beheneth 10 and beeswax in the coming months to explore texture possibilities.

Meantime, if you think a mistake is always a bad thing, check out these 7 accidental scientific discoveries that changed the world.

Thanks for sharing, Rikke. You go, girl!

Do Tell

Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be a great thing?


Rikke said…
LOL Lise. That was fun to read. And yes I have made a discovery by mistake since this one. Perhaps you read my Facebook update describing how food in the pocket of a jacket turned in to super glue by washing and tuble drying the jacket. Now I will go to bed feeling like a super woman after reading your flattering Words ;-)

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Ooh interesting! What was the food? Perhaps this has industrial use possibilties. :) Thanks again Rikke for being so inspiring :)
Rikke said…
Shure Lise - this will be my ticket to success. It was bolle med leverpostej ;-)
LisaLise said…
teehee--- ok, we will now have to involve the washing machine in our lab work! :)