Projects under Development

There are so many products and projects under development right now that I haven't had time to update the Products under Development page (embarrassed much?). But hey, I've totally got my time managed.. kind of.

As Time Goes By

This Winter and Spring has brought some exciting new projects (some of which I can't quite reveal anything about, but will soon – promise). Some of these projects may turn out to be total bombs, but as things are looking right now, everything's coming up roses.

So instead of messing up what is looking like a right proper 'roll', I'll just tell you what I'm working on at the mo':
  • a new specially designed skin mist
  • a lash-feeding mascara (ongoing case study on this blog)
  • a (colorless) lash conditioning formula 
  • a skin lightening product (a case study started in 2011 continues)
  • hair-growth and strengthening product with caffeine (ongoing case study on this blog)
  • lip-loving lipstick with super moisturizing power
  • a new skin serum
  • cKc shampoo texture (final tweaking)
  • cKc conditioner (final tweaking)
  • cKc curl-boosting and strengthening hair mist
  • a new body mud wash 
  • the (worldwide) online cleansing bar catalog 


Looking back at this list, I kind of see why I have been feeling like 'I'm a bit behind' with everything--- there's a lot on the plate right now. But every one of these projects is so interesting that I just have to see them all through.

The In-Between-Everything-Else Stuff

In between all the above mentioned, I am struggling with an undeniable craving to make make-up. The only way I can 'get it out of my system' is to make everything I need for the next couple of seasons.

You: Why don't you just drop doing all the make-up, Lise?

Me: May I remind you that make-up is a life necessity that should never be denied persons who love make-up? I can't drop the make-up. I find it physically impossible to stop making eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation. Dropping that is a no-go.

OK, now that we're all up to date, I'd better get cracking on these things.


Unknown said…
I love your world! I feel intoxicated by the gorgeous smells I am imagining through my computer screen. Sounds like you have some lovely projects coming up Lise.
LisaLise said…
I am spritizing rose hydrosol your way so you can get a whiff of what's going on over here
Thanks Kelly!

Unknown said…
Mmmmm yum! thanks