Petrolatum-free Lip Care Study - Conclusions

I've had a couple of questions/emails about the results on this test. People have asked me if this was a good or bad result.

They've asked for conclusions. All righty then. Conclusions you shall have!

I've taken the liberty of asking a sociologist to give the results a once-over. Here's the feedback.

Conclusion 1: Petrolatum-Free is Better at Moisturising

The results of this test say petrolatum-free lip care outshines petrolatum-based lip care when it comes to moisturising.

84.2% said it was 'the same or better than what they were used to'.
56% said it was 'better' or 'far better' at moisturizing.

The numerous additional comments underlines this. Testers commented that they 'had a feeling of the product really sinking in', experienced that it 'lasted longer than usual' and 'didn't need to apply as often'.

Conclusion 2: Petrolatum May be Better at Protection

When it comes to protection, it would appear – from looking solely at the numbers – that this particular petrolatum-free product wasn't as protective as the testers usual product.

Where 84.2% agreed the test product was 'the same or better' than what they were used to using, only 40.5% said petrolatum-free was 'better' or 'far better' at protecting their lips.

However, the additional comments to this particular question did not underline this lower percentage. What may (or may not) have caused the lower percentage were comments like 'I'm not sure what is meant by protection'.

Because several testers were clearly unsure of how to answer this question, the resulting numbers to this question are not as conclusive.

Conclusion 3: We Need More Testing

On this post, Jo commented 'Why don't you do a blind test?' I absolutely agree that this would be the correct way to go. In fact, I wouldn't mind setting this up again under ideal conditions, like:

  1. a double blind test 
  2. a larger test group (50-100)
  3. someone to foot the bill

I'd like to direct your attention to point 3. This one is pivotal, as my pocketbook just left me a note saying 'Don't even think about it, honey'.


If any company/organization/person out there is willing to fund such a test, I'd be willing to participate with my Ultimate Balm Gloss Pot (again- without essential oils).

Come on you petrolatum-using cosmetics companies, if you really think petrolatum is better, here's a chance to prove your point. Let's get busy! My contact info is on the sidebar.

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