Would You Like Some Vine?

I had no idea Vine had just hit the market the same day I signed on, so I guess you could say I was among the first to join up.

What's Vine?

Vine is a downloadable app that makes it possible for you to make and publish 6 second videos from your iphone to the 'Vine world' (that includes Twitter). Living pictures (with sound), if you will.

The scope of creative posts I have seen has turned me into a bit of a vine-aholic as of late. Some people are absolute artists at making vines.

If you're on Vine and search for LisaLise, you will find my (not quite so artistic but working at it) posts with cosmetics tips (calming cucumber and clay mask), glimpses of work in the lab (the making of an emulsion), scenes of Copenhagen life (bicycles, traffic, and architecture), and quirky fun things like how to fold a t-shirt perfectly in 6 seconds flat (no kidding). That last one still amazes me every time I view it.

I am planning on doing a Vine-related giveaway in the not too distant future, in case that may be a bit of an incentive...

See you onLine. See you onVine.