Spelling Misteaks

I got an email from Sidsel-Marie the other day.

She wrote: *You told me I was going to love this Skin Revitalizing Serum, AND YOU WERE RIGHT! It's got the perfect texture, scent, and feel on my skin."

(Insert huge smile from recipient of email).

The e-mail continued: "But there is something I'm not completely satisfied with.."

(smile stops dead in its tracks)

"You misspelled my name".

She also attached a photo.

Well color me totally embarrassed! I've done this once before (but not with Sidsel-Marie). It doesn't get less embarrassing the second time. I'll add an apologetic little extra something in with Sidsel-Maries next order and hope she will forgive me.


Anonymous said…
Lucky Sidsel-Marie getting three 'E's for the price of two! Am sure an extra something in her next order will more than make up for it.
LisaLise said…
Aw thanks Mixtress! What a positive view!