cKc - Perfect Curl & Shine - A New Product

A lot of dedicated curlies made this product happen. Thank you for testing, giving feedback, suggesting names and just generally being fabulous! Above is the finishing spray that YOU helped perfect. A selection of comments and reviews from the giveaway winners are in this post.

I think this name – suggested by one of the regular cKc testers – captures all of your comments and feedback about the product: Perfect Curl & Shine. (I added the Finishing Spray part)

Does Not Contain...

I could tell you a whole lot about what's not in this product, but truthfully, I find that kind of 'advertising' misleading (and borderline ridiculous).

"No Lactose!"
"Dihydrogen monoxide-free!"
"No Dangerous Toxins!" (I see. So, you only use the safe toxins?).

Let's not go down that road or the list will be from here to next week.

I did try to keep this formula as simple-yet-effective as possible – as moisture grabbing as possible – as gloss enhancing as possible – and all the curlies who have tried it tell me it is good for grabbing and holding on to moisture, managing frizz, providing a glossy glow and creating up to 6 days of non-stop crunch-free softness.

(insert ear to ear smile from proud creator)

So What is in it?

The list is really not very long : a generous dose of olive-based squalane for deep-down pampering, Coconut oil for coddling, a coconut-based ingredient best described as 'the plant-based answer to silicone' for gloss, shine and deliciousness, and Vitamin E for longevity and extra oomph.

The best part? All the cKc testers agree this is a surprisingly long-lasting product – a little goes a long way. Samples that were expected to last a couple of weeks ended up lasting a couple of months.

I hope your curls will love Perfect Curl & Shine. It was made to love curls, and has promised me to do its utmost to coddle and love every curl it comes into contact with (and yes, my products do speak to me while I'm developing them).

Are You Curl-ious To Give it Try? You Can!

For the first time ever – a cKc product is available from the LisaLise shop at Beaut-e! The shops' prices are all in British Pounds, but the price is 'translated' to US dollars, euros and Danish crowns in the product description text.

And because I'm all excited about putting the very first cKc product in an online shop - EVER -  there is free shipping for those of you who just can't make do with one bottle (or want to buddy-order with a friend or 2).

UPDATE: As of 2016, LisaLise shop at Beaut-e is no more.