Second Skin - A New Whipped Butter

This was developed for a lovely gentleman (I'm pretty sure I don't need to mention his name). It is especially formulated for super-sensitive skin that needs (and deserves) extra special pampering. I've gotten a thumbs up on how it works. Pictured is an order – ready to be packaged.

Variation on a Theme

I test every new product I make – even if it is a tweaked variation of an existing product. Texture, scent, longevity etc all has to pass muster. During the testing of this product, I've fallen in love with it. So far, it is outperforming my regular Fall/winter 'super-moisturizers'. This is quickly becoming my fave winter moisturizer. I've applied it as a foot cream, after-shave leg smoother, dry patch reliever, night cream for face and neck, hand balm – you name it. A couple of my testers also giving it a run. If they are as in love with it as I am, it may be added to the FrappĂ© series. (here and here).