Guest-Sized Soaps

These little cuties were handmade by yours truly. They are my first ever attempt at making soap. Pictured: oatmeal, lavender, lemon, and rose guest-sized soaps (I put a business card on the table so you can get an idea of the size).

They turned out great and smell divine! Not only that, but they were super easy to do, didn't make a mess and I had a blast doing them!

OK, OK – I admit it. I happen to know a few really clever and inspiring soap artisans. But it's not because I have been receiving private instruction in soapmaking from my soap artisan friends. It's because I cheated.

Soap Artisans, Please Don't Scoff

I used a super-gentle, baby-friendly melt-and-pour base from one of my regular suppliers and just added extras (clays for color, oatmeal for scrubbiness, shea butter, cocoa butter, and oils for extra softening action and essential oils for scent).

The exercise was partly to check out whether or not soapmaking was something I want to start fooling around with, partly because I was curious to try using a soap made from a melt-and-pour base, and partly (if I was sucessful) to have a selection of little gifts to give as hostess gifts during this socially busy month. (Is Scandinavia the only place that does that – bring a little 'appreciation gift' to the host/hostess when invited to someones' home?)


Golly gosh!! these are uber cute little soapies!! well done on your first attempt...and thank you so much for your lovely reccomendation xxxx You'll be cold processing in no's a highly addictive obsession,
LisaLise said…
Thanks Ceri. I am honored to receive such praise from a true soapmaking artisan. :)