DIY Make-up Tips: Why Patience is a Virtue When Mixing Colors

Here's a great reason to mix your colors thoroughly before adding them to the end product you are making.

Do What I Say – Not What I Do

Pictured: an eyebrow pencil I made a while back. The texture is great and it has great staying power, but as you can see, there are areas of sienna and bits of titanium dioxide clearly visible in the ochre base. I didn't take the necessary time to mix the colors properly.

Result: a multicolored effect that may or may not be desirable. The other day it was not desirable – my eyebrows came out bright sienna instead of the intended blondy-brown color.

I could just throw the pencil out, but I love the color.

"which one?" (I hear you thinking – and to that I can only say 'all of them')