cKc - Where Are We?

I've been quiet about cKc for a while, but this is not because I'm not doing anything cKc-related. Quite the contrary actually! Lola and I have been super busy working on several cKc things.

Here's a little update.

The cKc Shampoo/Scalp Cleanser

In this post, cKc testers agreed that the shampoo was great, but too runny. I've been working on several possible solutions for this – all of which take time. (sometimes I wish I could just hand my ideas and re-worked formulas to 'my team of lab assistents, testers, and production dept', but that's not how it works around here, I'm afraid).

The majority of testers also requested a scent for the shampoo. Check! It now has a refreshing, minty scent – a mixture of peppermint and lavender essential oils. You can't smell the lavender as such, but it helps 'round out' and soften the peppermint, which is stimulating for the scalp.

As for the container...

After exploring the possibility of packaging the shampoo – as is – in a foaming bottle, it became evident that trying to go down that particular road was a dead end. The 'runny-ness' of this shampoo is due in large part to the super-mild surfactants in it, so despite the thin texture, the cKc shampoo is very concentrated. Foam bottles work best with content that is largely water. In short, every bottle I tested pooped out before the portion was finished.

I have therefore been working (like crazy) on thickening the texture, and it looks like I may be there (fingers crossed batch 12 is the magic one).

Manufacturer - It's a Go

It looks very much like I have found a manufacturer for cKc products! (insert little happy dance).

However, one of the ingredients in the conditioner is being discontinued with my present supplier (sigh). This leaves 2 options:
1. replace it with an alternative ingredient from the present supplier
2. find an alternative supplier

Either way, the formula will have to be tested again (working on that as we speak). Not to worry curlies! There will be no difference in how it works – promise!

MEANTIME: I am able to fill a few more orders with the original formula if you can't wait. Drop me a note right here (teehee. 'Original formula'. We haven't even gone to production and there's already a 'classic version')

And There's More!! 

Since meeting Lola and learning about the challenges of caring for curls, coils and kinks, I have become smitten with creating solutions for curl care. Lola and I are working on several new products as we speak.

One of them is the Finishing Product pictured above that is, as yet, unnamed. At the moment, we are waiting for the giveaway winners to test and offer a suggestion or 2 on what we shall call this spray-on solution.

Also in the works:
- a caffeine curl boosting spray
- a curl coddling frappé to moisturize and pamper

Curly Styles - Wow!

I am in absolute awe of all the creative and fantastic styling methods for natural curls. And even though it takes a serious chunk of time to create these styles, the possibilities seem endless. Check my pinterest board 'coily kinky curly' for a bit of curl styling inspiration.

Thank you Curlies, for your input and interest in the cKc series!!


Kim said…
Where do you buy your shampoo and conditioner packaging? Also, do you know of any practical, but luxury glass shampoo and conditioner packaging?
LisaLise said…
Hi Kim - I use a plethora of different packaging suppliers. Not everyone will sell in the small quantities I need, so I am forever shopping for packaging and container suppliers. As for glass packaging, if you look to Asia and are willing to take large shipments (about 10.000 units at a time), then you can find just about anything your heart desires - even custom designed solutions. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. My own suppliers are forever changing their stock, so I can't count on being able to re-order anything for any period of time. Great looking packaging in small quantities is truly a challenge! Check the links on the sidebar for some companies that offer packaging. New Directions has a pretty good selection of glass bottles in different designs. Best of luck with it!