Unwanted Things - Are You OK With That?

The other morning I checked in to my blog to see... a big old fat long ADVERTISEMENT on my sidebar ??!!???!!

Double take. ??!!???!!

Triple take ??!!???!!

There shouldn't be any ads on this blog!

After a bit of investigation, the culprit was caught, given the sharp end of my best boot, and cast out into the cold. Apparantly it is possible for unwanted ads to sneak in on some sidebar widgets (who knew?). Now you know why I no longer have a 'share this' widget here.

And speaking of unwanted things...

Would You Like Some Spam With That, Ma'am?

I'm really not a fan of spam.


I hate spam!

Put your thumb and forefinger as close as you can together without actually touching. See that space in between? That's how close I am to making comments go through moderation before being posted.

There seems to be no end to the spammy babble people/robots/things will post as comments on this blog in order to place a link to some shady webpage offering cosmetic surgery in Outer Faraway, or postorder girlfriends from Somewhere-isstan or crocodile oil from Ungabungaland!

I really don't want to make it difficult to leave a comment here, but the increasing amount of spam comments is beginning to try my patience.

However – you are more important to me. And if you are dead set on having no holds barred access to posting comments here, I just couldn't bear to disappoint you.

So, I've put up a little poll on the sidebar. Are you ok with not seeing your words of wisdom posted immediately? Can you live with waiting for my 'ok' before your comment goes live? Or do you need instant access 24/7? You tell me!

Majority rules, and I promise, I will abide by your decision.



Stephanie said…
I feel your pain! (I also can't get the poll-thingie to work right so I'll just vote here in the comments section). I am 100% NOT bothered by moderated comments (and 100% bothered by spam). Why should someone else get to advertise on your blog for free/without your consent? Moderate away!
LisaLise said…
Thanks Stephanie! Here's a funny little irony. I have already had to delete 2 spam comments on this post-- both of which linked to some other site selling something or other.. arghh!!

You are right about the polls not working. I had 26 votes on day, and they were all gone the next day. It's not registering half of the votes, and deleting others randomly...Going to see if I can't get this worked out. Thanks for the heads up!