Stuart's Formula - a Hair-Loving Herbal Powerhouse

Researching ingredients can inspire new combinations and new products, but some of the best ideas come directly from people who ask me questions. Take Stuart, an absolutely lovely gentleman residing in Scotland. He gave me the idea for this combination of hair and scalp boosting ingredients. I happened to mention to him that I had plans for making a caffeine shampoo and he returned with this inspiring question: 'since caffeine shampoo is meant to be left on the scalp so the caffeine has a chance to absorb, couldn't it be added to a leave-on product instead?'

Pure and Simple Logic 

Stuart is so right. Having to keep track of how long shampoo should stay on before rinsing out makes the whole hair washing process unnecessarily bothersome (who brings a timer into the shower?)

It is questions like these that make me love working on cosmetics! After a few batches and tweaks in the formula, I've sent the bottle above to Scotland so Stuart can give this product a whirl.

My head already loves it, so I'm hoping his hair and scalp will be equally pleased. And, because it would never have seen the light of day without his input, it has been duly named: Stuart's Formula – Caffeine & Protein Hair and Scalp Booster.

Thanks for the inspiration Stuart – I can't wait to hear your feedback!