Serendipity Do Da

Sometimes things just slot into place so perfectly it's almost spooky.

A while back, I ordered some honey in powdered form with the intention of trying it out in a cream. Then a million things promptly got in the way.

An opportunity to work up a formula finally presented itself some weeks later when I was running low on night cream.

To 'compliment' the honey, I decided to use a hydrosol base of orange blossom mixed with chamomile. These were combined with rice oil and mango butter, and finished the subtlest amount of mandarin essential oil to 'freshen' the sweet, honey-rich fruitiness.
Texture: pure velvet
Feel: pure luxury
Scent: light, floral/citrus

I had barely finished the initial batch when a request arrived. A friend asked for a night cream.

Here Comes the First Spooky Part

She said 'I'd love something with orange blossom and I've been hearing some fabulous things about honey. Can you work that into a cream?'

It was serendipity.

I gave her a sample of 'my cream' – sans label. (My products normally 'reveal' their name after I have tested them for a while, so they almost always start out with nothing more than a production date label).

For some odd reason, this cream – lovely as it is – just wasn't conjuring up any names for me – even after several days of use.

'Oh well, it's bound to appear soon', I thought.

Here Comes the Next Spooky Part

The next day she contacted me. She loved the scent, was thrilled with the silky rich feel, and said 'her skin woke up feeling happy'.

She then said: 'You haven't named it yet, have you? Because this cream can only be called one thing: Good • Night • Honey – and you have to put dots between the words'.

Serendipity do da!

How could I argue with that?

Skip Forward A Few Months

We've been testing this as a night cream for about 4 months now. It's such a joy to use, I haven't even been tempted to tweak the formula. All I've fiddled around with is containers – trying different jars and airless bottles to find the ideal 'delivery vehicle'.

Daytime Honey 

Also in the works: a lighter version in serum form for day use. Guess what that one will be named?

Yeah, I knew you already figured that one out in a flash:
Good • Day • Honey

Want to read about what honey has to offer? Check out this post.


Rikke said…
What a perfct name!!! I love it!!

And - I almost got hungry by reading the list of ingredients! Yummi Yummi. Fun story too!

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Awww thanks Rikke! :)