Oil and Soap Free Cleansing - Continued

I'm coming clean (pun intended), working with wonky ingredients like cranberry can get tiring.

I needed to do a cranberry-free version of this cleanser to have something to compare with, and here it is. It's clean, clear, and cool and completely colorless.

Gentle Herbal Cleansing Gel is based on Lemon Balm hydrosol (cleansing, cooling, and deliciously discreet in the scent department). This soap-free, oil-free, clay-free cleanser has already become my staple evening cleanser for removing the days grime (and make-up). I can't foresee going back to the cranberry version any time soon. This version cleanses as just as well, moisturizes just as well and leaves the skin just as smooth – and the best part – it doesn't change color!


We should be ready to round up a few testers before long...

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Titanium Wild said…
Hi Lisa

I use Lemon Balm hydrosol mixed with aloe juice as a kind of cleanser/toner, and adore the scent. Does it carry through at all in your gel?

Beth x
LisaLise said…
Hey there Beth,

That's an absolute winning combination you're using there, and you are so right, the scent is fab. It is very very similar what it going on in this gel, so you would feel right at home using this product. I've added a bit of glycerine and a couple of herbal extracts to give the mixture a bit of moisturizing oomph. You can leave this gel on for a bit and it functions as a moisturizing mask.