DIY Make-up Tips: All About Mineral Make-up

If you want to get serious about making mineral make-up, start by checking the suppliers of ingredients for mineral make-up.

Many offer tips, how-to's and even starter kits to get you going.

Meantime, here's a tip:

Mineral Make-up Tip of the Day

When you've created a color mix that you're really pleased with, always save a small portion so you'll have the possibility of duplicating it later (especially if you're the kind of person who gets so excited about the fab colors you're creating that you forget to take notes).

Do Tell

Have you ever needed/wanted to duplicate a color you'd made? Were you successful?


Unknown said…
Great mineral makeup site! So extensive, I'm trying to subscribe to really check it out.

Also great shots Lise! I always love the interesting and diverse topics on your blog.
LisaLise said…
Thanks so much Michelle! I hope you have fun making make-up and will leave a comment about how it goes!