cKc - Name That Product

A few weeks ago, I sent this little sample bottle to Lola – my partner in curl care concoctions. The product is odorless, colorless, and easy to use, but is still unfinished.

What's it For

The contents of this bottle is hopefully the answer to requests we have received from several members of the cKc tester team  – a 'finishing product' for curls that 'seals in moisture' and 'adds gloss'.

So far, it has been tested by 4 curly heads and the feedback has been thumbs up from everyone. I realize 4 does not a huge test group make, but I still can't stop smiling. I love getting a formula right, and this one is already looking like it could be a winner.

But winner or not, this product is still unfinished. It has no name.

What Shall We Call it? 

What would you name a curl-loving finishing product that
- helps seal in moisture
- adds gloss
- leaves curls soft and managable
- is made with plant-based ingredients
- is unscented
- is easy to use

Please drop a comment below with your suggested name if you are so inclined.

And while you're at it, I'd also love to hear your wish list. Which product hasn't been made yet that would be perfect for YOUR curls?

cKc = Coily-Kinky-Curly

Find cKc under Topics to read more about the development of the different cKc products


K Heath said…
Curl Perfect Finish
LisaLise said…
Love this K!! Thanks!!
A Simple Thing said…
Curl Cool Gloss?

Fresh Curl Gloss..

Mm, sounds more like toothpaste flavours!
LisaLise said…
Thanks a Simple Thing! I love the curl cool gloss. Maybe it would be fun to spell with K's: Kurl Kool Gloss. What do you think ?