How to Make a Rhassoul and White Clay Cleanser

I'm hooked. I keep making and using cleansing bars. My skin absolutely loves them. Based on the feedback I am getting from you guys, I'm not the only one.

Since doing the first rhassoul cleansing bar, I've had several requests for an easier-to-use version. Here it is. We're pairing the rhassoul with white clay and doing a very simple layering technique (because not only are layers fun to look at, they're super easy to do).

Shall we get started?

For a 'tray of guest-soap-sized hearts' or a 100 gram (3.5 oz) bar, you will need:

22 gr (0.8 oz) cocoa butter
20 gr (0.7 oz) shea butter
30 ml (1.01 fl. oz) almond oil
10 ml (0.34 fl. oz) castor oil
35 gr (1.2 oz) rhassoul
10 gr (0.35 oz) white clay

Creating the Base

Over low heat and very slowly, melt the cocoa butter. Just before it has completely melted, remove from heat, add shea, and stir until the mixture is melted.

Add oils and stir thoroughly.

Split the Mixture

Pour a little less than half of the mixture into another container.


Add white clay to the smaller portion and rhassoul to the larger portion. Stir thoroughly.

Fill Mold

Partially fill your mold with the white clay mixture and cool in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

When the surface has 'set', add the rhassoul mixture. The rhassoul will have a tendency to settle at the bottom, so be sure to stir the rhassoul mixture again just before pouring.


Let the mixture set for a few hours, then carefully remove from mold.

Store in the refrigerator in an air-tight container (to keep your bars from taking on 'fridge' smells).

Using the Bar 

For one application to face and neck you will need approx half a teaspoon of product (I use half of 1 heart for 1 application). For maximum ease of use, be sure the portion is at room temperature.

Wet your face and neck thoroughly. Rhassoul needs a bit more moisture than clay, so don't skimp on the water.

Soften the cleansing bar by rubbing it between your palms.  Apply to your face and neck, keeping the area around the eyes free. Wet your hands and gently massage your face and neck area.

Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Finish with an alcohol-free skin tonic (A spritz of hydrosol is ideal). You may find your skin is so deliciously smooth that you don't need to apply a moisturizer. A light layer of face oil is usually enough for me.


Titanium Wild said…
This is a fabulous idea, thanks for posting the recipe. I'm going to have a go, but tweak it to suit the ingredients I have in.

I do so love your blog :D

Beth x
LisaLise said…
Thanks so much Beth! I'm sure your version will be a hit. I'd love to hear how it turns out :)
Julia said…
Hi can you please tell us where you buy your ingredients? i.e. can't find simple shea butter, only body butters etc.

LisaLise said…
Hi Julia,

Where are you? In the US you can check out Mountain Rose Herbs. (Sorry, no link but do a search on Google) (I think everyone I know that shops cosmetics ingredients in North America love these folks.
In the UK try Aromantic or New Directions
In Mainland Europe, check the links on my sidebar: Aroma Zone (in France) and Uretgaarden (in Denmark) can all supply these things

Hope this helps!
Anonymous said…
Where did you purchase your mold at (: I can't wait to try this ! Seems a little pricey to make but well worth it
LisaLise said…
Hi Anon - I bought the mold in a hobby store in the soap-making section. It's just a silicone mold that is approved for use with foods. :)
Mary said…
Im in love with this idea ! But I'm on a tight budget and was wondering how much This would cost to make? Thanks in advance :)
LisaLise said…
HI Mary - Thanks for your input. As to prices: if you have none of the ingredients at hand, then this is a bit of an investment. You might check the prices of the ingredients online first. Are you in the US? Let me know and I'll try and give you some better info..
LisaLise said…
Mary- try and check out this company if you are in the USA.
I haven't bought from them,. but I am constantly seeing people recommend them. I believe they sell in small quantities as well, so you may be able to get everything here without breaking your budget.
Mary said…
Yes I do live in the US , I'll defiantly check out the link ! Thank you so much. I can't wait to try it out (:
Diana said…
I found your blog through Marie at Humblebee, made this last night, and used it this morning. I love it! My skin feels really clean and moisturized, and it went on light enough to not feel like I was smearing my face like shea butter. It rinsed off nicely, too, with just a swipe or two of a washcloth to make sure I got it all (I used it in the shower).

The only problem is that I made it in square molds, and tried to do a little fancy swirling texture on the top, and it looks EXACTLY like a brownie. Maybe a little too pinkish for a brownie, but close enough to fool my eyes. Oh well!
LisaLise said…
HI Diana - Thanks for your input! I know what you mean about some of these cleansing bars looking edible. I've run into the same situation myself. :D
Dia said…
Hi Lise! I am so glad to have found you! My question is could I add a broad spectrum preservative so I can give these as presents ? Will they melt and loose their shape if I send them to my mom in the Dominican Republic (I'm in the Us) I know this will be perfect for her!
LisaLise said…
Hi Dia, Nice to meet you! Yes, you can add a preservative to these. As for sending, you will probably want to package them well and place in a comtainer that can be closed tightly. They will
probably keep their shape if you package and send them as you would a batch of cookies - with lots of insulation. Best of luck!