Fresh Cucumber and Spirulina Mask

These cucumbers don't fulfill the European standard cucumber measurement qualifications. They are too bendy and undersized to be sold at normal prices. Because of that, I scored 10 for a mere pittance. Let's get creative with cucumber!

Summer = Green = Cool

It was inevitable – some of these had to be incorporated into a skin-toning cocktail that was super quick, super easy, super effective, and would allow for max chilling out. What better use than as a fresh food face mask!

Why Cucumber

Cucumber has a toning and cooling effect on the skin. I'm sure you've seen the classic facial pics where the lady has cucumber slices over the eyes – it really does soothe and refresh the eye area (great after a late night out). Cucumber is anti-inflammatory, helps reduce redness and has astringent properties. Cucumber extract is a popular ingredient in many of my skin toners and skin mists.

But We Need More

Previous fresh food mask experiences have taught me that some sort of binder and thickener is necessary if you want the mask to stay in place. Even better if that binder has something to offer the skin. In keeping with the green theme, let's use spirulina!

Spirulina is so dark green it almost looks black. Here it is pictured next to French green clay.

Why Spirulina

The mask-savvy French swear by spirulina's fabulous skin-loving properties for masks with good reason. Spirulina is naturally rich in amino acids, protein and vitamins A and E to help protect the skins collagen and elastin. Not only that, it feels absolutely lovely in a mask or cleansing bar.

Now, let's go green!

To Make This Mask, You'll Need

- 1/2 bendy, undersized cucumber or 1/4 regular European standard cucumber
- Spirulina


Wash the cucumber, slice into chunks and fill into a handy dandy stick blender container

Smoothify until you have a lovely pureed texture like this. (The bendy, undersized cucumbers have less water content and will give a thicker puree than regular cucumbers)

Transfer to a small container. Add spirulina until you have a good 'pasty-like' consistency that can be applied to your skin without dripping.

Apply The Mask

Start by washing your face and neck with a good cleanser, then lightly patting the skin dry. Now apply the mask in as thick a layer as you can get to 'stick'. If you've added enough spirulina, your mask will not drip.

Let the Mask Do its Thing

Lie down or sit back and relax. The cucumber will cool and tone the skin while the spirulina nourishes and moisturizes. Let the mask sit about 20 minutes (don't cheat – you're entitled to 20 minutes of relaxation).

Tip: don't take pictures or you risk having copies of yourself with emerald green monster skin on record for friends and family to tease you with. (I'm immune by now, so it's ok if I do it).

Remove The Mask

Wet a natural sponge and remove the mask. Rinse and repeat until the mask is completely gone. Pat your face dry and apply a (non-alcoholic) skin tonic or spritz your face with a skin mist or hydrosol. Finish with a light application of face oil.

Enjoy your revitalized, toned and refreshed face and neck!

Do Tell

Have you ever tried a fresh food mask? Did you have trouble getting it to 'stick'?


Rikke said…
Så bliver det næppe sundere.

Jeg har haft besvær med at få yoghurt og gær til at sidde fast i fjæset. LoL - det passer

kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Måske sidder yoghurten hvis man blander havregryn i? :) Den må prøves!!
Gone2RehabBRB said…
All the little references to vegetable being EU regulation non-compliant made me smile so hard =) haha
LisaLise said…
Thanks Gone2Rehab- it's actually true, though. A little secret: they taste better than the other kind!