DIY Make-up Tips: Color Mixing - Rule 2

It is inevitable. And as soon as you've tested it on your skin, you'll know it – you've mixed the perfect skin tone/blush/highlighter!

That's when rule 2 of color mixing steps in.

Rule 2

It is a fact of color-mixing life that a perfect color will not be satisfied in just one product.

The trio above is proof positive. My original intended product was a highlighter pencil. No sooner than the pencil was finished did I want to try the color in a pressed powder eyeshadow. Not long after that, a concealer/highlighter wand was added to the 'highlighter collection'. That's what happens when you get it right.

And trust me – you will get it right.

LisaLise Color Mixing Tip 2

When mixing colors for staples – blush, foundation, and highlighter – always mix enough for several products.

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Highlighter/concealer wand (DIY Touche Éclat)