DIY Make-up Tips: Color Mixing - Rule 1

There is absolutely nothing difficult about mixing pigments. Color mixing is a load of fun and is even quite therapeutic, but it does take time – especially if you are aiming for something specific, like, say, your skin tone. 

Rule 1 of Color Mixing

If you are aiming for a specific color, it is a fact of color mixing life that a fab new hue will always show up and distract you from your original goal

'wow, this would be perfect for a blush if it had just the teensiest bit more red/white/gold in it'. 

Resistance is futile.

Suddenly you look up and notice 3 hours have vanished and that you now have a lovely collection of blush tones, but still haven't made the foundation color you set out to do.

LisaLise Color Mixing Tip 1

To ensure maximum creativity, minimum stress, and perfect hues, set a max of one goal color for each color mixing session, and be sure to have ample empty containers at hand to store all the fab colors you create along the way.


Rikke said…
Tak for advarslen. Jeg har fået et øjenskyggekit i fødselsdagsgave, så jeg skal snart til at hygge mig med at lave farver :-)

kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
ihhhh god fornøjelse Rikke!! Lov at fortæl hvordan det går!
Rebecca said…
All good advice Lise! Hope this finds you well and prosperous.
LisaLise said…
yay Rebecca! I'm totally flattered by your kind words! It's not every day a super expert make-up wiz gives me compliments!