DIY Make-up Tips - Where to Start?

Welcome to the first in this mini-series on DIY make-up. Because of these 2 great questions from Alicyn, we're going to start at the most logical place of all – the beginning!

Alicyn wrote:
I mainly use lip balms, black mascara and eyeliners, and occasionally lipsticks for lips/blush.
1) what's the easiest/cheapest place to start?
2) how do you give makeup extra skin-protecting or -enhancing oomph?

Where To Start

If you don't know where to start, choose one product that you constantly use and would love to be able to personalize. In my case it was eyebrow pencils. I couldn't find any commercial brands that didn't make my eyebrows itch (read more here). Maybe for you it's 'that perfect eyeshadow' or the customized tinted lip balm.

Then Ease into it

Begin with a starter-kit so you can try making a product or 2 without having to shell out too much. Many cosmetics ingredients suppliers have starter sets for mascaras, eye shadow, lip balms etc. Some kits include everything you need right down to the necessary tools and equipment, others will just have the ingredients, but common to all starter kits, there are instructions and how-to's included.

Mascara Starter Kit From Urtegaarden

A Few Places to Find Starter Kits

DIY Cosmetics in the US offers a range of starter kits and is updating them as we speak. They have loads of knowledge and great product.

Urtegaarden in Denmark has a range of starter kits (Their mascara is so good I've never been tempted to make my own from scratch).

TKB in the US offers a series of kits (note: I haven't bought from these folks but have seen others recommend them)

Aromantic in the UK has starter kits for lip balms and lip glosses (but no mineral make-up)

Aroma Zone in France has a wide range of starter kits in all sizes (including mineral make-up, an 'everything for the lips' kit. They also have starter kits for creams, shower gels, and more). 

Ensuring Skin Protecting and Enhancing Oomph

There are many ways to add oomph to your DIY make-up, and I will add more in coming posts, but my first tip is an easy peasy one. For cream-based foundation, blush, or eyeshadow, start with a quality, light (unscented) cream that your skin already knows and loves and 'just add pigments' until you have the color and coverage you like. Voilá – Skin care and make-up in one product! Store your mixture in a container that seals tightly and apply with small spatula (instead of dipping your fingers into the mixture).

What Would it Take to Get You Started?

Is there anything you'd like to know about DIY make-up? What would it take to get you started? Drop a comment below.