Warning - Studies Show Long Baths Are Fattening!

I'm constantly amazed at some of the claims that keep showing up on blog posts, in discussion forums and in articles. Some of the people who write this stuff would even have you believe they belong on the same shelf as scientists.

The subject of today's rant is how much our skin absorbs.

What They're Saying

Here are a couple of the recurring headlines that have crossed my path.

"Our skin absorbs EIGHTY PERCENT of what is applied to it!!"

"Our skin absorbs EVERYTHING that is applied to it within FIVE MINUTES"


Let's Just Run With That For a Minute, Shall We?

If this were true, then taking anything but the briefest of baths or showers would add unwanted weight and girth.

I knew I should have set the timer!
Dressing would certainly be a challenge for people who love long baths.

Come to think of it, swimming would be a huge problem.

Left: Before swimming • Right: after an hour in the water
You would have to be sure to find a swimsuit size that could grow along with you as you absorb the water. 

And what happens if we fill a pool with people?

Soaking it up - literally!

Would they be able to absorb the contents if they stay there long enough?

It doesn't really make very much sense, does it?

Back to the Real World

Part of what makes it difficult to formulate topical medicine (and skin care products) is the semi-permeable nature of skin. Our skin plays a key role in protecting our bodies – it's supposed to keep things out as well as in.

I did a post on how much skin absorbs last summer. If you're interested, find it here.

Meantime, enjoy your summer.


Anonymous said…
Lisa.......this is great! I had to laugh at the swimming picture. Really a lot of confusing information out there. Thanks. JNC
LisaLise said…
thanks so much JNC! I do try and add a touch of humor even though I am ranting. If you had a chuckle reading this, then I did something right:)
Rikke said…
Hm så altså ikke vores hud spiser ikke det hele, hver gang. Men måske gør den nogle gange... Er det sådan, det er?

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
@Rikke - Ja, det er utrolig afhængig af så mange faktorer. Dog er der en nem grundregl: hvis molekulerne er små nok, så smutter de lige igennem huden. Det er en af mine klagepunkter med petro-kemiske baserede olier såsom mineralsk olie. Molekulerne er alt for store til at gå igennem huden. Man får en fornemmelse af blødhed men det hele ligger bare ovenpå. Bliver man ved med at påføre, så lukker porene og man får skabt de perfekte betingelser til at danne rynker...