Boonys Personally Formulated Emulsion

There is always a collection of different products on my nightstand at any given time as I am constantly testing batches and new products. Here's a peek at what's 'cooking' at the moment: 2 different versions of Comfort Zone Eye Serum (texture tweaking), a version of Mango FrappĂ© (scent tweaking), a foundation with a new cream base (not intended for sale), and batch one of a personally formulated brand new product – the star of this post – Boony's Everyday Emulsion.

Just For Boony

Creating a tailored product to meet a specific need (or desire) is a real adrenalin boost for me, and Boony – a steady and faithful customer with a charming nickname – agreed to let me share this with you.

How it Started

Boony has been using the 7-day Skin Renewal Serum for about a year and is so pleased with how her skin reacts to it, she wanted to use it all the time. Unfortunately, the 7-day Skin Renewal Serum is – as the name suggests – a product to be used for a short period of time. It's basically a 7-Day peeling course with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (fruit acids) as the active. A 3 month period is recommended between courses.

To accomodate Boony's wishes, I reformulated the product so it could be used on a daily basis. It was more than just lowering the dose of the active. Because I happen to know Boony is a fan of geranium, I surprised her by changing the entire base to geranium hydrosol and adding an essential oil mix to match. I also snuck in a few extra moisture-binding goodies before presenting her with the initial trial batch. She was delighted and has given me nothing but thumbs up.

Me Too!

I am (also) already in love with this product and, despite having formulated it 100% for Boony, am thrilled with how it is working for me.

I just love it getting it right first time!


Boony said…
Yeah, and it is SO great! Seriously love this stuff! I feel like despite all the positive feedback I already know I've given you, I really haven't been as detailed about it as I ought to be. So here comes a bit more:
The emulsion works beautifully both for night time and during the day. It blends well under makeup during the day, which is a must for me to use it during the day time.
My skin feels perfectly moisturized and the texture is gorgeous. Silky and smooth.
And don't get me started on the scent. It's absolutely perfectly fresh and light.
I've been using it for about a month now and it's exactly what I ordered: basically, it does what I feel the 7-day serum did for me in a short period, except on a daily basis.
Very well done, indeed! :)
Boony said…
and by the way... how cool that it works for you too... maybe it'll turn out to be a product on its way to join your permanent line... :-)
LisaLise said…

(Insert dance of joy here)