Apologies to Potassium Alum

As much as I love being right, I get a real gnawing uncomfortable feeling when I find out I was wrong about something. It will grind away quietly at the outer edges of my consciousness for a while, then move in closer and start whispering irritating messages like 'don't you think you'll feel better if you just admit that you were wrong?' 

The whispering soon becomes a bit louder 'Admit it, you were not just a little wrong. You were seriously wrong.'  

When it gets to this point I'll try whipping out a lame excuse of some type, but am always met with sharp retorts like 'and while you're eating your words – which you KNOW you are going to do – you better make it a real big piece of humble pie – cuz you were so wrong it's not even funny. So what are you waiting for?!! Admit you were wrong! ADMIT IT!'

I can't live like that. I shall therefore eat my own words. Right here. In public.

Potassium alum, I owe you an apology.

I was wrong about you.

I claimed you didn't have enough power to carry a full day of deodorizing power all by yourself
in this post, and for that, I truly apologize. I now know you can do an excellent and complete solo gig when you are paired with the right carrier ingredients. 

Ahh, finally

It will be a lot easier to continue working on this new deodorant with that irritating voice out of the way!

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LOL! I completely know what you mean about that voice. If you hadn't done this, it would have started shouting in your ear. As important as it is to be right, it is even more important to be honest (My humble opinion)
LisaLise said…
Natural Nigerian you are absolutely right... I've tried ignoring it before and it does start shouting - loudly! :)